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Growth in Perm placements reaches one year high

Taking data from the latest REC Report on Jobs, it’s clear that 2017 is well underway and any lingering concerns over Brexit appear to have taken a back seat. Immediately, this is good news of course for the UK economy, but the big question over how employers will fill their vacancies remains.
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Demand for staff reaches 17 month high

The Labour Market report highlights several trends that hiring businesses and their recruitment partners must adapt and demonstrate agility around. Anyone who follows my Linked In will know that I have been an avid campaigner in highlighting the skills shortage in the UK and its impact on the engineering and manufacturing sector in which Consilium Recruit operates.
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Placement activity slows in December

Not a surprise when you consider that manufacturing industry typically shuts down for the extended Christmas period. That said, the jobs market continues to beat general market expectations with more people finding jobs each month and demand for staff continuing to grow.
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Recruitment Round - October

With the US election results looming, the market has been showing signs of uncertainty across the globe in many forms but the UK recruitment market continues to buck the trend and is still growing in the majority of areas which has resulted in some positive results and also some areas for concern...
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